Renew Europe Reports 2020-2025


The Digital Transformation of Local Democracy

Rait Pihelgas (EE/Reform Party) argues that local and regional authorities should fully embrace new technologies and the digital age.


The Trade Policy Review

A strong European Union needs a strong trade and investment policy to support economic recovery, create quality jobs, protect European companies from unfair practices at home and abroad, and ensure coherence with broader priorities in the areas of sustainability, climate change, the digital economy and security.


A place-based approach to EU industrial policy

How could an EU industrial policy strategy be implemented using a territorial or place-based approach?


The Challenges for the future of tourism in the EU

This own-initiative opinion will enable the European Committee of the Regions to propose solutions on issues such as intensive tourism, the role of booking portals, sustainability of tourism, preservation of heritage sites and present a vision for a sustainable tourism strategy for regions, by taking into account European and global trends that affect regions but cannot easily be managed by them.


Fair taxation of the Digital Economy

The challenge ahead is to seize all these digital opportunities to ensure Europe’s competitiveness, while ensuring fair taxation.


Legal acts providing for the use of the regulatory procedure with scrutiny

François Decoster supports the reform of the comitology system.