CoR’s Decoster, Loiseau MEP address UK’s sewage dumping

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“Melilla is not alone”: Decoster, Vanraes discuss European immigration with Melilla President de Castro

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Liberal Democrat Ruth Coleman passes away

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Decoster: In support of Melilla

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Episode 9 of Letter from Brussels podcast is out: “The car that almost changed history”

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Renew Europe CoR at June plenary: launch of alliance for reconstruction of Ukraine, Green Budgeting and the Arctic

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New Renew Europe CoR team

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Promoting Youth and Local Democracy in Ireland with Kate Feeney

Councillor Kate Feeney, our spokesperson on Social Affairs, joined Ireland's Minister of State for EU Affairs Thomas Byrne (Fianna Fail)... Read more

The decline of rural areas is an existential threat

“We need a European rural agenda to improve urban-rural integration and revitalize rural communities” argued Ulrika Landergren, Chair of the CoR's Commission... Read more

Tourism recovery builds on sustainability

The Covid-pandemic heavily affected the tourism sector. The touristic activity is only slowly recovering back to the pre-COVID levels, yet it... Read more

Renew Europe CoR at ALDE Congress in Dublin

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The importance of the Chips Act for Europe

"The EU Chips act is important not just for the Netherlands, but also for Europe" argues Martin Van Gruijthuijsen, regional... Read more