10 Reasons why YOU should vote in the European elections

The 2024 European elections are taking place this week, starting on June 6 and ending on June 9, and the significance of casting your vote could not be any higher. As we face a growing amount of challenges and crises across our continent, this democratic exercise is crucial for shaping the future of Europe, its cities and regions, and its local communities.

Not convinced whether to vote, or why your vote matters? Here are ten reasons why every eligible voter should participate in these European elections:

1. Exercise Your Democratic Right
Voting is a fundamental democratic right. By participating in the elections, you honour the principles of democracy and ensure your voice is heard in the decision-making process. But even more so, voting is a responsibility. It is a powerful way to influence how your Union is governed and the policies it pursues. Who you choose to represent you in the European Parliament for the next 5 years will help build the kind of future in Europe that you want.

2. Impact Local Communities
Too often we think that what happens in Brussels is far away from our hometown, and therefore is not relevant for us, but this is not true. Decisions made at the European level have direct consequences for local communities. From funding infrastructure projects to supporting small businesses, EU policies can significantly improve your community’s quality of life. Almost 70% of EU legislation is implemented at the local and regional level! Voting in these elections therefore ensures your local community’s needs are represented.

3. Strengthen Regional Development
We often say that cohesion policy must keep regions and cities at its heart. This is because the EU plays a pivotal role in regional development. Through various programs and funds, the EU supports economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development in regions across Europe. By voting, you help shape policies that drive regional progress and prosperity across Europe.

4. Address Global Challenges
Europe is constantly facing new challenges – strong floods destroy our territory, AI is developing rapidly and a war is raging just outside our borders. Fortunately, the EU is at the forefront of addressing these global challenges, through laws and regulations that keep you safe online or protect the nature in your city. By voting in these elections, you support a strong and powerful unified approach to tackling these issues, ensuring that Europe remains a leader in finding solutions that benefit everyone.

5. Promote Justice and Equality
The European elections are also a platform to advocate for justice and equality! Policies on education, gender equality or employment are influenced by the representatives you elect. Voting helps promote inclusion and fairness across Europe, to ensure that no one is left behind.

6. Enhance Economic Stability
The EU’s economic policies affect trade, investment, and financial stability. By exercising your right to vote, you contribute to shaping an economic environment that fosters growth, innovation, and job creation. This is crucial for the economic well-being of our continent, but also of your region – just think of all the small local businesses thriving in your area with the help of the EU!

7. Support Cultural Diversity
Europe is known for its rich cultural diversity. Afterall, our Union is made up of 27 Member States with different languages, different cuisines and different landscapes. The European Parliament plays a crucial role in supporting cultural exchange, preservation, and innovation. By voting, you help maintain and celebrate this diversity, ensuring that various cultural perspectives are represented and respected.

8. Protect Fundamental Rights
The EU is deeply committed to protecting our fundamental rights and freedoms. We’ve seen this in the last couple of years, with multiple MEPs working hard to build a Union that supports LGBTIQ+ rights, protects women against gender-based violence or aims to build an accessible environment for people with disabilities. Voting in the European elections helps uphold these values, ensuring that human rights, democracy, and the rule of law are preserved and strengthened across all member states.

9. Influence Long-Term Policy
It’s important to understand that the decisions made by the European Parliament have long-term implications. You might not think that certain issues affect you right now, but voting allows you to influence policies that will shape the future of Europe for generations to come. Voting in these elections is therefore an opportunity to contribute to a vision of Europe that aligns with your values and your aspirations.

10. Be Part of the Movement
Voting is a joint effort that reinforces the power of solidarity and unity. When you vote, you join millions of Europeans coming from different cities and regions in building a better, more cohesive, and resilient Europe. This is essential for addressing common challenges and achieving common goals – even for your local community!

The European elections from June 6-9, 2024, are more than just a political event – they are a chance to shape the future of Europe, your region, and your local community. By exercising your right to vote, you contribute to a democratic, prosperous, and inclusive Europe. So #UseYourVote and participate in this crucial democratic process. Your vote matters.

Still not convinced whether to vote? Scroll through our gallery below to see why our members will be voting this week:

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