Renew Europe CoR supports #IamJustyna & Simone Veil Pact

Following the sentencing of a women’s rights activist called Justyna Wydrzynska in Poland, guilty of helping another woman get access to abortion pills, our group threw its support behind her and the Simone Veil Pact for gender equality. “Brave women like Justyna need our support. That is why we are all Justyna”.

Our President François Decoster said:

“We commit to preserving, promoting and strengthening women’s rights at all levels of government. Sexual and reproductive rights such as access to contraception and abortion should be a guarantee for every women. That’s why we signed the Simone Veil Pact for gender equality”


Members such as Kate Feeney, Michiel Rijsberman, Anne Rudisuhli, Thomas Rohden and Hanne Roed also came out in support, as no government should decide what happens to anyone’s body. Every woman should have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at an early stage. 



Sign up for the Simone Veil pact for gender equality. The purpose of this declaration is to preserve, promote and strengthen the rights of all women at all levels, European, national and local, in all areas, public and private, for all generations, in all the Member States of the European Union, under the aegis of the European institutions.

Earlier, on International Women’s Day, Donatella Porzi’s proposal in her region of Umbria to establish a regional commission of inquiry in feminicide and any form of gender violence was unanimously ratified. 

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