International Women’s Day 2023

Across the EU local and regional liberal politicians marked International Women’s Day 2023, tying into our commitment to the Simon Veil Pact. 

In Umbria, Donatella Porzi expresses great satisfaction that Umbria will have a regional commission of inquiry on femicide and any form of gender violence. The establishment of this structure was ratified today 8 March by the regional council following her own proposal presented in January. “Through the Commission we intend to develop actions to implement initiatives aimed at the analysis and monitoring of the different forms of gender violence in our region and to promote awareness actions to bring to light the submerged cases and educate non-violence.” 

Watch her interview on RAI news

In Cork, Ireland, Gillian Coughlan joined the chair of Cork County Council in encouraging more women to consider joining local politics.  

Simon Veil Pact

All these actions and events marking International Women’s Day 2023 come on top of the commitment our group made in signing the Simon Veil Pact for Gender Equality drafted by our sister group in the European Parliament. 

Renew Europe CoR Vice-Presidents, Jasna Gabric and Kate Feeney said:


“It’s sad that we still need gender quotas in the 21st century, but without them there would be even less women in politics than there are now. And even current numbers are not something to be happy about. That’s why the Simone Veil Pact is so necessary.


“We’re not seeing enough progress in the area of sexual and reproductive health or reduction in gender based violence. I would hope that by adopting the pact, and incorporating its principles into how politics is conducted, the pace of change will accelerate.”

Renew Europe President, François Decoster, concluded: “By joining the Simone Veil Pact, Renew Europe is committing itself to a sustained campaign to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality not only in the CoR but across the whole of subnational government in the European Union. I am proud that my group is fully backing this initiative and I look forward to our partnership with the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament

Renew Europe CoR has in addition approved a number of actions it will take in 2023 and beyond in each of the 5 Principles outlined in the Pact, in order to promote gender equality in the CoR and across subnational government more widely. The Simone Veil Pact was approved by the Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament in January 2022, and is named after the first female president of the European Parliament.

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