Why enter ?

Any elected liberal representatives holding an office of local, regional and national level, ALDE and EDP member parties (e.g. the president of any local party section, district leader, etc.), ALDE Party Steering Committee of Individual Members, liberal party associations, MEPs and ALDE-CoR members can all submit nominations for the ALDE Local and Regional Leader Awards,provided that the nominee (an individual politician) is from sub-national government (e.g. local government or regional assembly).

  • There will be 7 categories of awards:
  • –    Achievement in Government (by an elected regional or local government representative when in government)
    –    Achievement in Opposition (by an elected regional or local government representative when in an opposition role)
    –     Achievement in interaction with citizens via Digital Communications (DigiComm)
    –     Most effective EU Ambassador
    –     Best Elections Campaign (at the sub-state level)
    –     Young European of the Year
    –     Life-time Achievement award
  • –   Help a local/regional politician whom you believe deserves recognition at European level;
    –   Showcase achievements carried out in towns, cities, and regions by liberal politicians from your party;
    –   Inspire others within the ALDE caucus with new ideas by sharing best practice;
    –   Help to create a new generation of liberal local and regional leaders around Europe;

Nominations are made by completing a simple online form which can be accessed here
Please note: nominations need to reach the ALDE CoR secretariat by 31 January 2016.

The deadline has been extended to Sunday 7 February 12.00PM

The nomination period is over now. Over the next few weeks our reseracher will be contacting everyone who have submitted the nomination to carry out a research into the nominees and their achievements.

Submit nominations now !


A jury made up of key former members of the ALDE-CoR Group will be evaluating the applications. The workload of the jury is considerable: they must read all the nominations in detail, score them according to the selection criteria, deliberate on a short list, select the winners, and attend the awards ceremony.