We’re hiring! Are you an experienced office manager?

WE’RE HIRING! Are you an experienced office manager that can support the Sec Gen and the rest of the team?


Apply here no later than 18 January 2021.
Vacancy call in EN and FR.


An experienced Office Manager with responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of the administrative and logistical support provided by the Renew Europe secretariat to a large group of busy and often high-profile politicians; and responsibility for providing support to the secretariat as a whole, reporting directly to the Secretary General, fulfilling the tasks and responsibilities outlined below:
  • General administrative support to President, Bureau, and members as required, in particular regarding matters under the responsibility of Directorate A (registry, members’ services, protocol); authorisation requests for members’ individual presences;
  • Administrative support to the Group’s Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General;
  • Budget administration and monitoring (including checking compliance with regulations);
  • Coordinating the first drafts of the annual management plan, risk assessment, activity report;
  • Group branding (production and design of publications, corporate materials, business cards, etc.);
  • Administration and logistics of Group and Bureau meetings (interpretation, room bookings, speakers and participant reimbursements, booking catering);
  • Communications with members about logistics and administration, handling their registrations, logistics & administrative queries;
  • Administration and logistics for Group delegation to ALDE Party events, in particular the Congress: information emails, assistance with registrations, organising delegation dinner, requests for translations, interpretation etc.;
  • Liaison with the CoR administrative services regarding relevant procedures, rules and regulations;
  • Ensuring good functioning of the office, including monitoring and ordering office supplies, and facilitating installation into office for new colleagues and trainees;
  • Monitoring of the Renew Europe email account;
  • Maintaining the team Outlook calendar up to date with key dates;
  • Databases (group membership, contact details, email distribution lists);
  • Encoding absences in the relevant HR management tool;
  • Welcome and farewell letters to new and departing members;
  • Maintaining relevant contacts in the CoR, other EU institutions, and in the wider Renew Europe political family, in Brussels and around Europe.
Although the above list represents the core body of work, other tasks and responsibilities are to be expected with a view to assisting in achieving the objectives and goals of the group. Furthermore, other duties can be added in line with changing needs of the Group.
The Office Manager will assist all Group members in carrying out their duties and will contribute to the good functioning of the Secretariat, including assisting other colleagues, as required. An essential part of the job includes maintaining good working relations with counterparts in other political groups and within the CoR general secretariat. Excellent diplomatic skills are therefore a requirement.
The post requires a high degree of availability (heavy meetings schedule, irregular working hours, and occasional travel), flexibility, ability to adapt to a changing workload and to tight deadlines, and an ability to work as part of a team in an international environment.


Furthermore the post also requires:
  • excellent organisational skills and attention to detail;
  • excellent problem-solving skills;
  • a strong ability to anticipate and to prevent problems and to keep the line manager and/or colleagues informed at all times;
  • a positive “can-do” approach to work with the ability to think creatively to deliver results, the ability to work fast, and an ability to remain calm in stressful situations;
  • the ability to work pro-actively, anticipating deadlines and driven to deliver quality results;
  • a strong “customer service” culture, aiming to ensure the Renew Europe members receive a service of the highest standards;
  • excellent analytical, planning, and drafting skills;
  • the ability to quickly acquire new skills and knowledge.
The selection procedure is open to candidates who meet the following conditions on the closing date for applications:
A. General conditions
Under article 12(2) (a) of the CEOS, each candidate must:
  • be a national of a Member State of the European Union;
  • have fulfilled any obligations concerning statutory military service;
  • have produced the necessary character references for performance of the duties concerned (the successful candidate will be required to provide an extract from his/her police record or equivalent document before recruitment);
  • be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post (the successful candidate will be examined by the CoR Medical Officer before recruitment).
B. Specific conditions
1. Qualifications and professional experience
  • have completed either (a) post-secondary education attested by a diploma or (b) secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, followed by at least three years’ professional experience relevant to the nature of the duties. These three years of professional experience cannot be counted towards the professional experience required under the point below;
  • have a minimum of four years’ professional experience in a busy political environment. This experience must be gained either (a) since obtaining the qualification required under the point (a) above; or (b) since completing the three years of experience mentioned under the point (b) above.
2. Required skills and knowledge
  • previous working experience in a complex administrative environment, preferably acquired in a political organisation;
  • experience in organising high level political events and all related logistical aspects;
  • experience and understanding of political image and branding;
  • a strong sense of integrity, and a positive and constructive attitude towards teamwork and colleagues, as well as the ability to work independently;
  • knowledge of and commitment to the fundamental political principles and values of the Renew Europe political family (see www.reneweurope-cor.eu, www.aldeparty.eu and www.pde-edp.eu);
  • experience working directly with politicians would be considered an advantage.

3. Language skills

A thorough knowledge of an official language of the European Union and at least a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the Union is required. For functional reasons, related to the main languages of communication in the Renew Europe Group and its secretariat, a thorough knowledge of English and French is required. The written test will be partly in English and partly in French. Candidates having English or French as their mother tongue will be required to sit the written tests in the other of the two languages.

4. IT skills

  • proficiency in office IT skills (Microsoft Office, Internet, Email, etc.);
  • experience with the CoR’s internal management programmes (such as Agora, Adonis and Sysper) and
  • other software applications such as Sharepoint and Dynamics would be considered an asset.

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