Renew Europe even stronger in the CoR

Following successful negotiations between our political groups which on this occasion included a new sixth political group, Renew Europe in the CoR has managed to further increase its political influence in the European Committee of the Regions, including a new role to oversee political impact across all CoR Commissions.

Institutional positions:
Chairs’ and Vice-Chairs’ positions per commission:

POSITIONS 2020-2022

  • Chair Commission for Natural Resources and new Chair for Impact Oversight
    Ulrika LANDERGREN (SV) – Liberalerna
  • 1st Vice-Chair Commission for Economic Policy
    Dainis TURLAIS (LV) – Gods Kalpot Riga
  • 2nd Vice-Chair Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture Francisco IGEA (ES) – Ciudadanos
  • Chair Joint-Consultative Committee North Macedonia
    Jasna GABRIC (SL) – Independent
  • 2nd Vice-Chair CAFA
    Kate FEENEY (IE) – Fianna Fail

Renew Europe Presidency

  • François Decoster – President – France – ALDE Party
  • Ulrika Landergren – 1st Vice President – Liberalerna
  • Michiel Rijsberman 2nd vice President – D66
  • Jasna Gabric 3rd vice President – Independent

Our Bureau members:

  • Mikk Pikkmets – Estonia – Reform Party
  • Ivan Gulam – Croatia – HNS
  • Willy Borsus – Belgium – MR
  • Jaroslava Pokorna – Czech Republic – ANO
  • Jean-Noël Verfaillie – France – Independent

Renew Europe Commissions’ Coordinators:

  • Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget: Michiel RIJSBERMAN (NL) D66
  • Commission for Economic Policy: Juanjo MARTÍNEZ (ES) Ciudadanos
  • Commission for the Environment, Climate change and Energy: Vincent CHAUVET (FR) MoDem
  • Commission for Natural Resources: Alejandro CARDENETE (ES) Ciudadanos
  • Commission for Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture: Kate FEENEY (IE) Fianna Fail

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