New trainee for ALDE CoR secretariat

Bojana Zorić from Požega, Croatia, joins our group as our new trainee who will aid our policy officers until February 2018.... Read more

At your service: the service package

"If we address the obstacles to cross-border trade and investment in services, we increase competition with more choice and better... Read more

Bart Somers inspires European Commission trainees

On Thursday 5 October our President Bart Somers welcomed almost 1,000 trainees of the European Commission. Bart Somers gave an... Read more

Bart Somers’ intervention on Catalonia in the European Committee of the Regions

Debate on Catalonia   Committee of the Regions Plenary – 10 October 2017 Intervention by Bart Somers (ALDE CoR President)… Read more

Regions bring Space down to Earth

Space isn’t irrelevant for regions nor is it too far away: space matters, whether through satellite navigation or Earth observation... Read more

Erasmus with a twist

After the success of Erasmus for students, apprentices, young entrepreneurs, higher education professionals and journalists, ALDE's Vice-President in the European... Read more

Martikainen elected new chair of Natural Resources Commission

The Natural Resources Commission (NAT) remit includes the common agricultural policy, fisheries policy, food policy and consumer affairs, health policy... Read more

The cheapest energy is the one we don’t use

Energy efficiency is crucially important for achieving Europe's climate and energy targets. The EU should therefore be more ambitious says... Read more

Brexit: the impact on Ireland

Brexit: the impact on Ireland The ALDE Group in the CoR became the first delegation of the Committee of the... Read more

Building trust and fostering innovation in Slovenia

Rebuilding trust in government with bottom-up policies At the ALDE Party Council meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, our group looked into... Read more

Summit of young elected local and regional leaders

Following our Liberal Mayors Summit success, we are organising a Summit of Young Elected Local and Regional Leaders. The summit... Read more

Innovation for social solutions

Social innovation is a new approach which can be a key instrument for combating youth unemployment, bringing people with greater... Read more