For a more inclusive society: the role of Liberal Mayors in the eradication of LGBTIQ+ phobia

Liberal Mayors and regional representatives have a crucial role to play in eradicating LGBTIQ+ phobia;  our resolution at the ALDE Party Congress reaffirms this crucial role and calls on all Liberal Mayors and ALDE representatives to demonstrate the benefits of inclusiveness and embracing diversity as a recipe for success. 

Since 2019 the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in some EU Member States have been progressively violated, with over 100 municipal councils and regional parliaments in Poland passing resolutions that have created a climate of fear and insecurity for LGBTIQ+ citizens, their families and friends.
As Renew Europe CoR, we believe that Mayors and regional presidents have a crucial leadership role to set the tone of inclusiveness in their municipalities and regions, showing zero-tolerance towards discrimination and reaching out to their LGBTIQ+ citizens. That is why more than twenty Mayors under the leadership of our President François Decoster reached out to Polish Mayors who created “LGBT-free” zones to call on them to rescind their resolution targetting LGBTIQ+ citizens. 
At the ALDE Party Congress, we called through our resolution on all Liberal Mayors across Europe to promote the right of all citizens of being themselves, living their lives as freely as any other citizen, to ensure a free society respecting the rights of minorities, buildind bridges not walls, and also to work with other Mayors of different political families in their countries to demonstrate the benefits of inclusiveness and embracing diversity. 
Local authorities can choose to embrace equality and diversity and prosper as a result: evidence shows that economies that are more inclusive are better placed to recover from hardship, such as from the COVID-pandemic. Promoting tolerance and openness, making our citizens prosper in freedom and harmony, are therefore core liberal principles which we will continue to support for a more inclusive society that benefits all. 
Our resolution in full:

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