Episode 5 of Letter from Brussels podcast is out!

The latest episode of Renew Europe CoR’s Letter from Brussels podcast is now available. “The Crime & the Lone Crusader” carries highlights of a highly tense debate in the October plenary of the CoR, led by Fianna Fáil’s Kate Feeney against homophobic amendments by Viktor Orban’s Fidesz members, as well as new proposals by MR’s Alexia Bertrand to empower consumers to make climate friendly choices when shopping, and the story of the lone crusader who fought against architectural crimes in Brussels in 1950 and 1964, and who was behind one of the most successful museums of the Belgian and EU capital. This new episode can be listened to here: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube and Spreaker.

Listen to “The crime & the lone crusader – October 2021 Letter from Brussels 5” on Spreaker.

After the previous special edition episode on the occasion of the World Mayor awards for François Decoster of Saint Omer and Matus Vallo of Bratislava, Letter from Brussels returns to its normal length of 15 minutes and includes a new section of brief news items.

A 15-minute podcast written for the members of the Liberal Mayors Network, and any other interested listeners, Letter from Brussels brings to liberal mayors first-hand information from the highest level of the European Union that is relevant to their work as city leaders and will help them and their citizens connect with European decision-making, and contribute to strengthening the Union. It also gives a perspective on the city of Brussels itself, capital of Europe and of Belgium, and home to more than 1 million people, with a history going back centuries.

Letter from Brussels is written and narrated by Sean O’Curneen, Secretary General of Renew Europe CoR, a former journalist, and is partly inspired by BBC radio’s Letter from America by Alistair Cooke which ran from 1946 to 2004. The podcast is recorded in English; it will appear after every CoR plenary, at least 5 times a year.

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