International Women’s Day: be bold for change!

On IWD 2017, ALDE CoR  celebrates the achievements of our female members in European policies and calls for a more inclusive society

Our female members in the European Committee of the Regions have led the way in the policy field with important reports impacting local and regional authorities across Europe over the last few months.

Our first Vice-President Ulrika Landergren looked for instance into a comprehensive European aviation strategy to foster growth, jobs, trade and mobility in the EU, while Ewa-May Karlsson  focused on future action and prevention plans for alcohol-related issues at the EU level. We celebrate their achievements, and look forward to continuing policy impact and success with for instance Marcelle Hendrickx’s upcoming report on social innovation as a new tool for creating growth and jobs.

Our commitment to a more inclusive society is also reflected in the gender-equal composition of our presidency with Ulrika Landergren serving as our first Vice-President and Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová, the first woman ever to hold that position, as our third Vice-President.

Ulrika Landergren:

Women and men should have the same power to shape societies and their own lives. That also means equal pay for the same work.

Our Group President Bart Somers:

The group that changed our habits, our tradition and society the most were women, with their emancipation struggle. They didn’t do this against Western values, but changed society based on our values, rightfully demanding an equal place.

Adriana Krnáčová:

I wish all girls, ladies and women to enjoy this special day. Appreciate yourself, follow your dreams and never let anybody discourage you or convince you that something is impossible.

In early March, our member Andreja Potocnik also reminded us that we also need to be bold for change. She encouraged women during the “Women on Board” event at the European Committee of the Regions, discussing gender and equality in politics, management and boards in Europe as rapporteur of “Improving the gender balance among non-executive directors”:

Everything is possible. Never give up. We need diversity. Diversity among staff in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, life situation and gender is vital to achieving results.

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