How we helped shape the future of Europe

During the last plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe the final proposals were adopted, with interventions by Clotilde Armand, Mayor of Bucharest Sector 1, and a reaction of our President, François Decoster, Mayor of Saint-Omer.

Clotilde Armand, Mayor of Bucharest sector 1, said during the last plenary: “by listening to Mayors, EU lawmakers can better understand the reality in the field and take better decisions. Working together we can build a Union that functions better on the ground”. She highlighted two examples:


Our President, François Decoster, and Mayor of Saint-Omer, reminded us that the conference was an exercise, which was a completely novel idea, pushed by the Renew Europe family, where citizens could participate to the future of Europe, and highlighting the importance of the 9th of May, Europe Day, this year:


Over the last months of the Conference, our delegation raised many issues, such as health and climate change, brain drain and multilingualism, as well as Migration, identity, values and lifelong learning.  Our very active members also kicked off their contributions with our novel multiplex event, where citizens from 12 municipalities and regions from 8 different countries successfully gathered online for a unique multiplex citizen dialogue, to contribute to the future of Europe. In a special report with several interviews we also looked how, for local and regional stakeholders, CoFoe was a chance to address the most prominent issues in Europe’s regions and cities and translate these into proposals for the future of the EU. 

Our delegation consisted of François Decoster, our President and Mayor of Saint-Omer, France; Mirja Vehkaperä, chair of the city board of Oulu, Finland, Paula Fernández Viaña, Minister of the interior, justice and foreign action in the government of Cantabria, Clotilde Armand, Mayor of Bucharest Sector 1, former MEP, member of USR-PLUS and Cees Loggen, President of CPMR, regional minister for North Holland, former coordinator of the NAT commission in the European Committee of the Regions. On top of this Renew Europe CoR delegation as part of the European Committee of the Regions, our member Simone Beissel, Deputy Mayor of Luxembourg City, also participated on the Conference on the Future of Europe, representing her country, Luxembourg.

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