The importance of the Chips Act for Europe

“The EU Chips act is important not just for the Netherlands, but also for Europe” argues Martin Van Gruijthuijsen, regional minister in charge for of Economy and Innovation for the Dutch province of North-Brabant. 

“Chips are present in almost every product in Europe; it’s therefore important that these chips stay available” says Van Gruijthuijsen, as these chips are also important for the strategic autonomy of Europe.

Watch how Van Gruijthuijsen explains his role and the importance of the EU chips act:


Van Gruijthuijsen is well-placed to discuss the EU chips act as shadow rapporteur for our group in the European Committee of the Regions, as his province of North-Brabant houses ASML, an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. They provide chipmakers with everything they need – soft- and hardware – to enable them to mass produce chips. As Regional Minister for Economy and Innovation, ASML is an excellent example for Van Gruijthuijsen how regions can contribute to Europe’s strategic and technologic autonomy.

In my province of North-Brabant we have an important presence in the chip sector with ASML, so it is essential for our companies, knowledge and citizens to be represented here in Brussels through us in the European Committee of the Regions, to do the right things here, where rules and regulations are made, to ensure these are in the benefit of our regions and citizens

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