Water management: thirsty for innovation

Climate change and intensification of land-use present major challenges for our water management. Cees Loggen (NL / VVD) sets out to improve the implementation of EU water legislation with innovative solutions.

Climate change is the defining issue of our generation, with floods and droughts as clear and direct consequences. The urgency to act now is not lost on Cees Loggen, who is in charge of Water, Water recreation and Europe for his province of North-Holland in the Netherlands, since we will be confronted more frequently and intensely by its effects. Every country therefore needs to be prepared, as it may affect the health and safety of its population, the environment and most economic sectors. Efficient and innovative water management is therefore necessary, and timely investments are needed.

Water management is a capital-intensive policy area in which major investments are made, and these investments will only increase. We need to have a comprehensive approach by including all related policy areas such as agriculture, energy, economy, health… This would reduce possible disinvestment, and create new opportunities and grounds for innovation. The challenge lies in making sensible decisions that do justice to what we wish to preserve now, but that also provide sufficient scope for tackling uncertain future challenges, in order to manage water, the source of life.

In his report, Loggen calls for instance on the European Commission, member states and local and regional authorities to reduce already existing water scarcity and to increase water efficiency, particularly by taking action at the earliest possible stage in product policy, addressing water losses through leakages, prioritizing water demand management and water efficiency in irrigation, buildings and the energy sector. Find more recommendations in terms of water policy by reading the full report:

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