Realization of the trans-European transport network

This article was published under the 2015-2020 European Committee of the Regions mandate.



Last updated
3 December 2019

Adoption at CoR Plenary


June 2018
Appointment of the rapporteur


This report concerns the very specific issue of facilitating the authorization and implementation of the projects of common interest on the Trans-European Transport core network (TEN-T) corridors.


February 2019

The Dutch Provinces Association covers the adoption of Scheffer’s opinion in their newsletter.

Dutch publication Haven & Transport covers the report of Michiel Scheffer on their website.

The European Committee of the Regions highlights Scheffer’s report on their webpage, noting that “Heavy administrative procedures and regulatory uncertainty are leading to delays and increased costs in the implementation of TEN-T projects. EU’s regions and cities back the European Commission’s proposals to fast-track permit-granting and regulative processes but demand full respect for the competences of local and regional authorities and stress the strategic role of early consultations and consensus-building.”

June 2018

Appointment of rapporteur. 

This report builds on and continues the work of Michiel Scheffer for transport from his previous report, “Missing Transport Links in Border Regions“.



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