Trainee Myriam Zoellner joins ALDE CoR

Our new trainee Myriam Zoellner comes from Münster, Germany and will support our policy offers until July 2018.
Myriam  holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialization in International and European Governance from Leiden University and she enjoyed a semester at the Sciences Po in Paris as an Erasmus student. Throughout her academic career, she has been an active participant in student associations, excelling in leadership positions, reflected in her participation in a student consultancy project for Unilever. Apart from her work at ALDE CoR, Myriam is very much interested in research and debates on migration policy, not only from a European perspective, but also from the Latin American one.

“I am thrilled to become a part of the ALDE team and to experience the work at the European Committee of the Regions. This opportunity allows me to really understand the practical side of the bottom-up approach. This includes providing other EU institutions with the local and regional stand on EU’s proposals and informing the citizens about the policies adopted and managed by the EU. I believe that the CoR has an essential role to play, especially in times of Brexit, as it ensures that the direct voice of citizens in EU’s policy is heard and regional and local identities are being respected. I am eager to take this chance and learn more.”


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