Are tourists killing tourism? Why sustainable tourism is the future.

Europe has always been the most popular place to visit. This attractiveness has made a lot of European cities and regions prosperous and proud of their cultural heritage. However, in recent years many new challenges have emerged.

Growing affordability of travel made due to a rapid expansion of low-cost carriers and coupled with the emergence of online platforms made tourism more available. This has led some most popular European destinations to take measures to protect their landscapes, monuments and local population.

The purpose of this interactive discussion is to explore various challenges that cities face due to tourism: its impact on the environment and local life, precarious jobs and increasing competition worldwide. During the session, we will explore the future of tourism and how cities can manage tourism and promote environmentally and socially aware growth.

Join us for a Roundtable on “Are Tourists Killing Tourism? Why Sustainable Tourism is the Future” taking place on 24 October from 19.00-20.30 at Thalia 3.


19.00 Opening of the event

19.10 Current state of tourism sustainability in Greece
Harry THEOHARIS, Greece Minister of Tourism

19.30  Responsible tourism in Andalusia
Prof. M. Alejandro CARDENETE, Regional Vice-Minister on Tourism at Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain)

20.00 Exchange of views
Ivan GULAM, Mayor of Pirovac (Croatia)

20.30 Closing of the event