Environment, Energy and Climate Change

We believe

★ that our objective is to combat climate change with an environmentally integrated society.

★ We feel that setting binding targets could help to ensure that the European Union meets its ambitious climate and energy targets.

★ that going beyond the 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels to 30% reduction is realistic.

★ that tackling the climate and energy challenge contributes to the creation of jobs and will strengthen Europe’s competitiveness.

★ that the EU ETS is a key tool for cutting industrial greenhouse gas emissions most cost-effectively and welcome the introduction of a single EU-wide cap on emission allowances in place of the existing system of national caps.

★ in the completion of the internal energy market and the role of local and regional authorities in finding structural and sustainable solutions.

We will

support the creation of the Energy Union and will encourage citizens’ participation in developing the internal energy market, both as consumers and producers.

champion renewable energies, energy efficiency, decentralised energy production/distribution, and investment in local and regional smart grid projects.

➔ recognise the role that regional networks are playing in the fight against climate change, as well as the role of LRAs in the fight and mitigation of climate change.

campaign for the merger of the Covenant of Mayors and the Mayors Adapt as both initiatives are implemented by local authorities.

➔ To achieve energy security, clean energy and unlock new potentials, we will campaign for the development of wave and tidal stream technologies.

➔ contribute within the CoR and beyond to urge for a binding global climate change agreement and for its successful implementation, including by local and regional authorities.