Economic Affairs

We believe

★ in the advantages and opportunities of free trade, and free trade agreements.

★ that the state should set a broad regularity framework for businesses but not get involved in detailed prescriptive regulations; that the regulatory environment must be stable and predictable.

★ that SMEs, microenterprises and start-ups need to have improved access to finance and that the public sector needs to facilitate their creation and development.

★ a sustainable economic development throughout the EU will lead to more convergence rather than divisions.

★ the free movement of goods and services are cornerstones of the single market.

★ that the high levels of public debt are a serious risk for Europe’s economic development and constitute an excessive burden for future generations.

★ in the need for democratic legitimacy and accountability of all policies, including economic governance.

★ that great opportunities exist for European industry and manufacturing, in particular in the development of a low-carbon and carbon-free economy.

★ the central role of public procurement is to obtain goods or services at the best quality for the lowest price.

We will

Campaign in favour of the conclusion of TTIP negotiations, focus on the advantages rather than the fears in public discussions, whilst taking seriously genuine concerns that arise from the local or regional level.

Call for significant reductions in red tape and bureaucratic requirements for small businesses and seek to strengthen alternative dispute mechanisms for businesses.

Contribute to creating favourable market conditions for SMEs as well as the European industry, that are based as much as possible on innovation support, market mechanisms, or financial instruments, rather than long-term subsidies.

Welcome new proposals seeking to establish a common consolidated corporate tax base, which needs to be as simple as possible and also allow member states to set the tax rates freely, subject to a minimum threshold.

Resist any temptation to increase public debts and to weaken the Stability and Growth pact beyond the possibilities for flexibility that it contains;.

➔ Support efforts to include a regional dimension in the European semester process.

Be open to innovative methods of public procurement, including public-private partnerships, as long as they contribute to obtaining the best quality for the lowest price.