Our initiatives

LeaDeR (Liberal Democrat Regional and Local Politicians) Awards

Since 2010 the ALDE group in the CoR has held annual competitions to recognise the work of outstanding local and regional liberal democrat politicians and by doing so strengthening the ties between communities of Europe. There is a huge amount of excellent work that is being carried out in communities around Europe to involve citizens in the decisions that affect them, to make their lives better, to build bridges and new partnerships. We believe that this work needs to be identified and highlighted. We also know that by sharing knowledge about that work, and by giving each other new ideas, all the citizens of Europe can benefit. Local and regional politicians from ALDE and EDP member parties are eligible candidates for the awards, provided that they don’t currently hold a Committee of the Regions or European Parliament mandate. The nomination procedure starts in the autumn. The awards ceremony is held annually in spring.

Laureates of the 2013 LeaDeR awards Laureates of the 2014 LeaDeR awards

Liberal Mayors Network

Responding to a growing demand to hear the voice of liberal mayors on matters of European relevance, the President of the ALDE Group, Bas Verkerk, Mayor of Delft, convened a meeting of mayors during the 2015 ALDE Party Congress in Budapest to discuss migration, refugees and integration.

The positive response from many liberal mayors to this initiative revealed a clear demand amongst the mayors themselves for this kind of initiative. The meeting therefore also marked the launch of a new Liberal Mayors Network, which will be meeting annually during the ALDE Party Congress.

ALDE Committee of the Regions Launch of Liberal Mayors Network Launch of Liberal Mayors Network at ALDE Party Congress in Budapest. Family photo with Hans van Baalen, ALDE Party President.

Meetings with liberal councillors of Brussels Communes

In 2012 the ALDE group held a pioneering meeting inviting local liberal councillors of Brussels communes to meet ALDE-CoR members. The meeting served as a chance to discuss the current challenges faced by councillors in all districts of Brussels as well as to provide an opportunity for the Brussels communes to benefit directly from the presence of EU institutions in their city.