New Central Europe Mayors Convention to reshape future of Europe

Our President François Decoster, Mayor of Saint-Omer, Matus Vallo, Mayor of Bratislava and Nedzhmi Ali, Mayor of Dzhebel, Bulgaria, joined other Mayors in Vienna, hosted by Christoph Wiederkehr, Vice-Mayor of Vienna, to sign the Declaration “Reshaping our future – the turning point for a sovereign Europe”.

This declaration is an important expression of the common liberal values, particularly in times when an ongoing war is threatening European freedom. It focuses on the fight for human rights and against any forms of war, populism and fake news.

A second outcome was to establish a long-term perspective for interregional cooperation in Central Europe and beyond.

François Decoster: This New Central Europe Mayors Covention is a useful setting to meet and discuss our common issues, such as welcoming Ukrainian refugees, to discuss the liberal values implemented in our municipal policies and to prepare for the future of Europe

The New Central Europe Mayors Convention took place in Vienna, Austria on 29 March. Liberal Mayors, Vice-Mayors and other representatives from different European countries came together to get to know each other and discuss the political challenges they are currently facing in their cities and countries. Among other liberal politicians, the event was attended by Dominik Fritz, Mayor of Timișoara (Romania), Gábor Kerpel-Fronius, Vice-Mayor of Budapest (Hungary), Ivica Puljak, Mayor of Split (Croatia), and Viesturs Zeps, Vice-Mayor of Riga (Latvia).

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