Renew Europe meetings 2019

Renew Europe Group Meeting | 6 February 2019 |10.30-13.00 | Brussels | JDE51


Renew Europe Group Meeting | 10 April 2019 |10.30-13.00 | Brussels | JDE51

Discussion on recent developments in EU taxation policy
The EU has embraced the development of the digital economy, which is making a great contribution to economic growth. However, this has also created a major fiscal distortion: the effective tax rate for digital companies – such as social media companies, collaborative platforms and online content providers – is around half that of traditional companies – and often much less. At the same time, EU Member States are under increased political pressure to ensure that all businesses – both digital and traditional – pay their fair share of tax. Therefore, the main topic of this meeting will focus on the proposals for taxation of digital economy and the way ahead, the problem of tax evasion and its solutions at EU level and current discussion on moving to qualified majority for certain tax matters. For this discussion, we have invited David BOUBLIL, Member of Commissioner Moscovici’s team to give a short presentation on the topic. For background information regarding the topic you can consult the European Commission website.

Preparations for Europe Day and Mobilising Voters for European Elections
This spring on 9 and 23-26 May, European citizens will celebrate Europe Day and elect a new European Parliament. They will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and carefully evaluate candidates and their programmes and finally make a choice that will shape the future of Europe. Therefore, this meeting will discuss preparations for Europe Day and how to mobilise citizens for EU elections. Should you need inspiration for Europe Day celebrations you can visit our dedicated website.

ALDE external activities 2019
Finally, as you perhaps already know, at the last group meeting in February it was decided that this year due to European Elections the annual External Group Seminar and Meeting should be organised together in Autumn. Therefore, we would like to invite members who are interested in hosting these meetings to inform ALDE Secretariat. During the group meeting on 10 April the group will decide on where to hold these meetings.


Renew Europe Group Meeting | 26 June 2019 |10.30-13.00 | Brussels | JDE51


Renew Europe Group Meeting | 8 October 2019|10.30-13.00 | Brussels | JDE51