Plenary – Renew Europe CoR on Harnassing talent in EU regions, Swedish Presidency, Ukraine, Women’s Day

During the European Committee of the Regions March 2023 plenary our group discussed harnessing talent in Europe’s regions with Jasna Gabric, the priorities of the Swedish Presidency with François Decoster, one year of support for Ukraine with Andres Jaadla and interventions by other members such as Tobias Gotthardt.

— This overview/blog covers the European Committee of the Regions plenary of Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March – 


Coming back on International Women’s Day, the European Committee of the Regions screened a video on Marking International Women’s Day, featuring Donatella Porzi, Regional Councillor of the Region of Umbria: 


Kate Feeney expressed her support for Polish women’s rights activist Justyna Wydrzynska:

Our President François Decoster intervened on the priorities of the Swedish Presidency:



During the Swedish Presidency debate, Tobias Gotthardt asked for a Presidency close to the citizens, also in migration by listening to the issues of local administrators shouldering the refugee wave:

Jasna Gabric spoke to European Commissioner Suica in the debate on harnessing talent in Europe’s regions:

“In Trbovlje we will use the Just Transition Fund to establish a city of high technology on the land vacated by the mining industry; we aim to create high added value and new highly skilled jobs. This is how we will keep our youth and attract talent from elsewhere.”


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