Liberal Mayors take action to protect democracy

The largest Liberal Mayors Summit so far during the ALDE Party Congress in Madrid, Spain on 9 November 2018, calls on all liberal mayors around the world to help protect democracy from the rising trend of authoritarian, illiberal, anti-pluralist leaders.

With a majority of the world’s population now living in urban areas, city mayors have the power and the responsibility to strengthen the pillars of local democracy, and thus prevent authoritarian leaders from establishing vital roots in towns and cities.

Our President Bart Somers:

Liberals have to stand up on all levels, also on the local level. They need to be more outspoken in defending the pillars of democracy: freedom of speech, transparency, the way we do politics in a respectful way, accepting that people can have a different opinion and listen to it, trying to include it: that’s the reason why we do policy.

Our Liberal Mayors Summit Declaration


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