“LGBTI Rights and the EU”-conference

Renew Europe Cor, the European Liberal Forum, Movimento Liberal Social and Projekt: Polska join forces in the LGBTI Freedom Zones in Practice conference, focusing on three urgent issues regarding LGBTIQ rights in Europe.

The year 2021 has shown that LGBTQI rights must be better protected: In Eastern Europe they have been brutally attacked by local nationalist regimes. But also in many Western European countries we have seen a setback provoked by right-wing populists. Under these circumstances, the European Parliament has declared the EU a Freedom Zone and European institutions are working on the first-ever LGBTQI Strategy. During this conference, we will discuss the current state of LGBTQI rights in Europe, focusing on three urgent issues: LGBTIQ activism in times of change, LGBTIQ diplomacy in Europe and hate speech in liberal societies.

Our President, François Decoster, will take part in the LGBTIQ diplomacy in Europe discussion, with Pierre Karleskind, Renew Europe MEP.

This conference also follows on the work of Kate Feeney, who was the rapporteur for the “Union of Equality: LGBTIQ strategy 2020-2025” and whose contribution “Embracing Diversity” to “Free Voices: LGBT+ Rights in Eastern Europe”, by the European Liberal Forum, was just published.

The conference will take place on 28 February 2022 from 9.30 am to 1.30 PM at the European Committee of the Regions.

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