EU Enlargement Strategy

This article was published under the 2015-2020 European Committee of the Regions mandate.



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3 December 2019

11 May
Adopted at CoR Plenary


22 September 2016
appointment of the rapporteur


The enlargement strategy and the accession of new Member States acts as a guarantee of EU policy implementation and the success of Europe as a whole. While there will be no further EU enlargement during its term of office (2014-2019), the ongoing enlargement process will continue. The process has now reached the point where enlargement discussions with Turkey have been put on hold for various political reasons. At the same time however, the Western Balkan countries, which are surrounded by EU Member States, have started to participate directly in European Commission policies; in addition to the enlargement process, they are also closely involved in the EU’s migration policy (Western Balkans route) and related policy areas, including security.


9 March 2017  The Rapporteur met Turkish ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı of the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union to discuss his upcoming report.

Rait meets Turkish ambassador (3)

12 December 2016 Debate with representatives of the Mission of Bosnia-Herzegovina; with representatives at the Mission of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and with the Ambassador of Montenegro to the EU Mr. Ivan Lekovic

8 December 2016  Discussions with several permanent representations: the Ambassador of Kosovo to the EU Mr Bernard Nicaj; Ambassador of Albania to the EU Ms. Suela Janina; Turkish Ambassador to the EU Mr Selim Yenel and Serbian Ambassador to the EU M.s Ana Hrustanovic.



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