ALDE CoR Special Envoy

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 Terms & conditions

  1. The ALDE CoR Special Envoy is organised and administered by the ALDE Group in the Committee of the regions (henceforth called “the organiser”).


  1. 1. All delegates of the ALDE Party Congress in Warsaw automatically qualify as contestants.
  1. 2. Secretariat members of the organiser or their relatives are not eligible to enter the competition.

The prize

  1. 3. The prize consists of a two day study trip as an Envoy on behalf of the ALDE-CoR President to one of the capital cities / seats of government with a liberal Mayor, or cities represented at the Liberal Mayor’s Summit in Warsaw.
  1. 4. The winner must choose a city which is in another Member State than the one of their nationality(ies) and of the one they normally reside in.
  1. 5. The purpose of the envoy is two-fold: a) to learn how liberal mayors are building a liberal Europe by empowering citizens, building inclusive societies, stimulating the economy and expanding citizens’ European horizons, and b) to engage in a dialogue with local citizens on their concerns and aspirations regarding Europe.
  1. 6. The Envoy will report back to the President of ALDE-CoR, ideally via a video recorded during the visit. The modalities of the report will be decided by ALDE-CoR based on a number of criteria, including budget and logistics.
  1. 7. Where possible, and depending on availability, the study visit programme will also focus on policy areas that match the interest(s) of the winner.
  1. 8. The prize as listed above is neither transferable nor exchangeable and cannot be exchanged for money.
  1. 9. The Envoy prize will be awarded after a draw which will take place on 2 December 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, during the ALDE Party Congress.
  1. 10. The draw will be carried out by the organiser’s President in front of a live audience by picking a name card out of all the contestants’ names.
  1. 11. The winner will be notified on the spot if present or by e-mail and / or letter within two weeks (14 days) of the closing date. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and pick a replacement winner.
  2. 12. If the winner states that she / he is unable to claim his / her prize for any reason, or if a replacement winner needs to be selected, a second draw will be organized in Brussels. This draw will be videotaped and overseen by an independent witness.
  1. 13. A programme will be organised in 2017 with the respective city, winner, municipal departments involved, as well as the liberal party of the mayor. The winner will be consulted at a later date for all arrangements.
  1. 14. All decisions are final with all matters relating to awarding the prize and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any entrant or third party.
  1. 15. The organiser reserves the right, at any time and without giving notice, to alter these terms and conditions at its discretion.
  1. 16. The organiser also reserves the right to, at any time and without giving notice, cancel the Envoy prize if, in its judgment, the objectives cannot be met in a manner which is satisfactory from an administrative, operational, or political point of view.
  1. 17. The Envoy will be required to sign a statement accepting these terms prior to undertaking the task.

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