Commissioner King discusses Mechelen approach to radicalisation

European Commissioner for the security union Julian King discussed the approach the city of Mechelen and its Mayor Bart Somers take to prevent radicalisation.

It was the first fact-finding mission of European commissioner King, who wanted to see firsthand what is being done on the local level to prevent young citizens of getting radicalized: there hasn’t been a single person leaving Mechelen to go and fight in Syria.

Mechelen has excellent projects at grassroots level to give young people a sense of community against radicalisation. […] I support 100% your ideas in your Committee of the Regions opinion to prevent radicalisation. The right way to tackle radicalisation is bottom up, not top down.

Our President and Mayor of Mechelen Bart Somers:

Prevention and creating a climate of trust is the best way to prevent radicalisation. And the foundation of a good prevention policy is respect for the rule of law in the city to stop the recruitment of radicalised youngsters.

During the visit Mayor Somers showed how social engagement, sports and education help prevent radicalisation by creating an inclusive city and society.Watch this short video about the visit (in English) on Flemish public TV VRT here or coverage in the Wall Street Journal here.
full opinion here To date, some 4,000 EU nationals are estimated to have joined terrorist organisations in countries experiencing conflict such as Syria and Iraq

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