Aviation strategy to foster growth, jobs and mobility

An aviation strategy is important for economic growth, jobs, trade and mobility in the EU

The liberalization of the European aviation market served us well – we have seen strong growth, jobs, trade and mobility but emerging economies outside of the EU and new actors like the ones from the Gulf states make competition fiercer on the European aviation market. We therefore need a more comprehensive European Aviation strategy because a competitive and viable European aviation sector is important for all regional development.

In this strategy, we’ve looked into connectivity, intermodality, climate and environmental concerns and cooperation between local and regional authorities. Connectivity, as it is vital for regional development. small and peripheral regions for instance have special challenges and might need support. Intermodality, as aviation should be an integrated part of the transport system with train and air transport cooperating and not competing. Climate and environmental concerns as local and regional authorities can significantly contribute to make airports, operations and surface access more climate friendly. Cooperation because regions is where people live and work and enterprises develop and operate, and regional authorities have responsibility for citizens’ well-being

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