Renewing democracy at the ALDE Party Congress in Amsterdam

Liberal Mayors Summit

At our Liberal Mayors Summit, participating mayors from across Europe together launched a call for action for Europe Day on 9 May 2019. The European Union has been under attack from populists inside and outside the EU trying to undermine its achievements and values. The time has come for a counter-offensive by all pro-European political forces to regain the hearts and minds of citizens. We call on liberals to join us in mobilising local politicians and civil society for a large pro-European movement on 9 May 2018. Get inspired, visit the website!

Plenary debate on renewing democracy

Our President Bart Somers moderated our plenary debate “Renewing Democracy in the 21st Century” with European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager and the leader of Ciudadanos Albert Rivera.


The Congress adopted our resolutions – one calling for preventing extremist violence and defending Europe’s liberal principles, drawing on the work of our group in the European Committee of the Regions and the 2016 Liberal Mayors Summit in Warsaw and another as a call to action for Europe Day 9 May 2018, calling on all liberal mayors and local group leaders in the EU to commit organizing a celebration of Europe Day in their municipalities and to mobilise local politicians and party branches in time for a widespread pro-European movement. This resolution directly supports the 2017 liberal mayors summit in which such a call to action was launched with an official website.

Preventing extremist violence and defending Europe’s liberal principles

Call for Action for Europe Day 9 May 2018

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