ALDE CoR wants to improve European environmental law

Did you know that local and regional authorities implement 70% of European environmental legislation? ALDE’s CoR coordinator in the ENVE commission and rapporteur on EU environment law Andres Jaadla from Estonia wants EU legislation to be more effective and inclusive.

Jaadla calls on a set of measures to ensure that environmental legislation is effectively applied as there is currently a lack of coherence and consistency in monitoring and reporting. “We call on the European Commission to closely associate the European Committee of the Regions with future programmes that aim at improving environmental implementation and governance” said Jaadla, who also urged to use more e-solutions as one of the key points in his opinion: “We live in a digital world. It is therefore possible to collect this data to come to more and better monitoring and reporting.”

His opinion further addresses how to implement European legislation in a more effective way in order to protect our environment. It also looks at the mechanisms and means (e-solutions, smart and clever solutions) that could be developed in order to improve the administrative practices of monitoring and reporting on the compliance with environmental legislation in Europe, with due consideration of the interests of local and regional authorities and better inclusion of citizens.

Find his full opinion here:


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