About the Awards

The LeaDeR Awards recognise outstanding work of liberal and democrat politicians from the sub-state levels of government (e.g. municipal, county/province, region). There is a huge amount of excellent work that is being carried out in communities around Europe that involve citizens in the decisions that affect them, make their lives better, build bridges and new partnerships. With the aim of sharing knowledge about that work, and by inspiring each other with new ideas, the Awards help to make new leaders and strengthen the ties between communities of Europe.


Any elected liberal representatives holding an office of local, regional and national level, ALDE and EDP member parties (e.g. the president of any local party section, district leader, etc.), ALDE Party Steering Committee of Individual Members, liberal party associations, MEPs and ALDE-CoR members can submit nominations for the ALDE Local and Regional Leader Awards, provided that the nominee (an individual politician) is from sub-national government (e.g. local government or regional assembly).

Why nominate ?

  • –   Help a local/regional politician whom you believe deserves recognition at European level;
    –   Showcase achievements carried out in towns, cities, and regions by liberal politicians from your party;
    –   Inspire others within the ALDE caucus with new ideas by sharing best practice;
    –   Help to create a new generation of liberal local and regional leaders around Europe.

Jury members

A jury made up of experienced former members of the ALDE-CoR Group, and chaired by the ALDE-CoR President, evaluates the applications, deliberates on a short list, and selects the winners.