At COFOE Plenary, our delegation raises health and climate Change

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First Multiplex Citizen Dialogue for the Future of Europe

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Sights on 2021: our year in review

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Irma Baralija calls on CoR to help build bridges between the communities of Mostar

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President Macron presents priorities for the EU at CoR plenary

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Episode 6 of Letter from Brussels podcast is out: “the hero and the roof”

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On UK & Irish media, Decoster urges cooperation to avoid migrant tragedies

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Andorran liberals visit CoR to explore cross-border opportunities

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Vincent Chauvet at COP26, securing role for local and regional governments

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Werner Hoyer, at first Liberal Regional Ministers Summit, covers investment and recovery

For the first Liberal Regional Ministers Summit, organised by Renew Europe CoR, Ministers of five different countries discussed the post-COVID recovery with Werner Hoyer, President of... Read more

Investing in our future: Placing teachers at the heart of our education

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“Europe is everywhere in our territories but is difficult to see” says Decoster at CoFoE

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