Join our Young Elected Politician programme: apply now!

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Mayors Decoster & Vallo on shortlist “World Mayor Award”

Support Mayors François Decoster (Saint-Omer) and Matúš Vallo (Bratislava), shortlisted for the 2021 World Mayor Award. The 2021 World Mayor... Read more

What about Europe’s vaccine strategy? Tune in live Thursday!

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MEP Pislaru and CoR assess chances for recovery and resilience

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Brexit: UK cities and regions want ties with EU counterparts

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The EU must not let North Macedonia down

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2021 World Mayor Prize: Mayors Decoster & Vallo on the longlist

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New EU Barometer: State of the Union at local level

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Liberals governing in dozen EU capitals

With the recent election of Mārtiņš Staķis in Riga, liberals are now at the helm of a dozen EU capital cities... Read more

Decoster promotes integration policies with Chancellor Merkel

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Renew Europe CoR launches local campaign to support LGBT+ people in Poland

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Mayor Mikk Pikkmets 27 December 1983 – 29 September 2020

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