Renew Europe CoR at ALDE Congress in Dublin

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The importance of the Chips Act for Europe

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Episode 8 of Letter from Brussels podcast is out: “Ukrainian reconstruction and the Aleksandrov ship”

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Kate Feeney on the importance of IDAHOBIT-day: standing with allies

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Mayor of Liepaja Ansins reduces climate risk and dependence on Russia

From an almost 100% dependence on gas and coal, the city of Liepaja managed to reduce this to about 20%.... Read more

Europe Day: a strong Europe is needed, now more than ever

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How we helped shape the future of Europe

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Renew Europe CoR to discuss humanitarian response with Ukrainian leaders

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Decoster, Loggen at CoFoE plenary discuss Migration, identity, values, lifelong learning

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Decoster joins CoR mission to EU border to address Ukrainian refugee crisis

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New Central Europe Mayors Convention to reshape future of Europe

Our President François Decoster, Mayor of Saint-Omer, Matus Vallo, Mayor of Bratislava and Nedzhmi Ali, Mayor of Dzhebel, Bulgaria, joined... Read more

Decoster, Armand raise brain drain and multilingualism at CoFoE

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